Explore the Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

In today’s climate, ensuring a secure, cost-effective, and productive way to support your remote employees has become increasingly important for companies of all industries. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can provide your workforce the best user experience – complete with a familiar desktop and tools they already know – accessible from anywhere on any device.

The Utilization of the Hybrid Workforce 

Work is no longer constrained to the office. More and more businesses are switching to a hybrid workforce, where there’s only a number of employees in the office at once, or employees are given the option of flexible schedules. Using Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows employees to access all of the company’s programs, files, and data needed to do their jobs all in a secure and cloud-based environment.

Using WVD is also a huge bonus from a recruiting standpoint. Offering employees the option of working remote or in-office will be a huge benefit moving forward and will help attract new workers.

Modernizing Your Workforce

In the air, at the coffee shop, the office, or even a beach – your employees can take their work with them on the go. With the ability to access their desktop apps and documents on any device securely, you’ll ensure their productivity stays high wherever they are during the workday.

As long as they have a strong internet connection, you’re also giving your employees the ability to choose their own devices. Apple vs. Windows? No longer an issue. iPhone, Android, Mac desktop, internet browser — regardless of where your employees are signed in, their experience on WVD is exactly the same.

Scale Quickly and Easily

All companies want to grow, and when it comes time to needing to, you can do so quickly with WVD. By providing them with access to your virtual desktop, you can give your employees the option of bringing their own devices to work (BYOD).

You also won’t have to take the time and money to increase storage space. The cloud expands or contracts as you need it to.

Reduce IT Costs

Cost is always an important thing to consider, especially when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Making the decision to switch from an on-premise server to WVD hosted in the cloud will help reduce IT costs present-day and in the future.

When keeping a server on-premise, you’re going to accrue costs over the lifespan of the hardware whether that be replacing parts, expanding your business with a new server, or paying for large projects to keep it running and long-term maintenance.

With a cloud-hosted desktop environment, you take the repair costs and upkeep costs completely off the table.  Simply put, by switching to a virtual desktop, hardware requirements become obsolete. On average, employers can save up to $11,000 a year by making the switch to a virtual infrastructure.

Keeping Your Business Protected with Enhanced Security

Keeping your business protected is a top priority. With dispersed workers, shared documents, and individual networks, it can be a challenge to ensure that sensitive information remains safe.  Virtual desktops offer enhanced security to its users.

Your computer hardware can’t be stolen, lost, or tampered with since your information is stored in the cloud. This minimizes security threats as corporate data is stored in a secure virtual private network (VPN), not on a device, ensuring only your employees can access the information. With simple permission changes, you can alter who has access to files adding yet another level of security.

WVD was born in the cloud. This means that security features like secure sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFA) come standard.

IT administrators have power over software configurations and upgrades ensuring everyone is on the latest approved software versions. With WVD, the cloud automatically insures you are on the latest upgrades. Confidential company data remains in the data center where it is safeguarded by your IT team. Virtual infrastructures have a reduced number of data paths that need to be inspected allowing for quicker monitoring times.

In addition, data is only rendered on screen for employees to view rather than arriving at the endpoint, reducing the need for endpoint protection. The infrastructure can be easily monitored and audited to curb and prevent any security breaches allowing for a more secure environment.

Are your employees set up for success?

Maximizing the potential of your hybrid workforce is more important than ever. Using Windows Virtual Desktop, you can ensure your team — remote, in-office, or both — has the right tool to happily do their jobs while saving you money and ensuring security.

If you have further questions, please reach out to us! We can pinpoint exactly how WVD can enhance your business with a quick and free consultation.