How Does Your Office 365 Security Measure Up?

You may know the importance of network security and compliance but do you have an actual way of knowing how secure your business is? Lack of understanding as to how secure your network is may be the #1 setback to warding off threats.

Recently, a new patch of Office 365 features was announced that provide a precise assessment of the current state of your security, down to the second on any day.

Office 365 Secure Score is a new security analytics tool that applies a score to Office 365 customers’ current Office 365 security configuration.

Here’s how it works:

Secure Score summary in office 365

Secure Score provides a quantified report of your security status with the Score Analyzer. Your Secure Score, the numerator, is the sum of points that are associated with security points that partially or fully adopted currently. The total score, the denominator, is the sum of all the points associated with the all the security controls that are available to you through your Office 365 subscription

Not only can you track security configurations in real time, Score Analyzer allows you to track and report on your score over a duration of time. The Score Analyzer graph shows you a compiled section of your Secure Score from the past, what specific actions you completed and which actions were available to you. The Score Analyzer graph can also be exported to a CSV file for easy sharing and communication within your organization.

In addition to providing a clear status to your network security, Secure Score will provide intelligent suggestions on possible actions you can take in order to improve your Secure Score number.

Know Your Office 365 Secure Score

Do you know how you’d be rated if someone were to evaluate your network security? Secure Score grants you the visibility and precise knowledge of security features and tools that are available to you. If you’re not sure where to begin with Secure Score, our team of professionals can provide the right recommendations into getting Secure Score for your organization today!