Look Beyond Your Current IT Needs to Find Future Success

cloud_for_future_400Technology has the potential to make the future of your business a success. Although, if you don’t manage your company’s technology properly, it can hinder your business, causing you to miss out on future success. In order to take full advantage of what technology can do for you, you’ll have to keep the future in mind.Here are three sure-fire ways that you can leverage technology to meet your company’s future goals.

Try Leasing IT Equipment
Having to upgrade your IT infrastructure comes with the territory of using technology; the trick is to make upgrading as easy as possible on yourself. To this end, it’s much easier to upgrade equipment that you’re leasing than it is to pay upfront for an expensive piece of hardware. One way to ensure this is to include a hardware refresh in the terms of your lease. This way, upgrading your tech won’t cost you any additional fees and you won’t get slammed with a major bill at the worst possible time.

As a budget-conscious business owner, you might feel skeptical about having to shell out monthly for IT equipment. The upside to this is that your IT technology turns into an operating expense, instead of a capital expense. This cost-saving measure frees up capital funds for your company’s overall budget.

Use an IT Roadmap to Accommodate Future Growth
One major pitfall that business owners make with their IT infrastructure is to lay it out in such a way that it only meets their current IT needs. A setup like this is sure to cause problems in the future when you experience growth, or you have to upgrade in a major way to account for technology trends. For example, an IT system that’s designed for the future will include enough open access points so that new employees can easily be onboarded, without having to lay out new wires and upgrade your firewall solution.

Even if you’re not planning on adding a ton of new staff in the near future, you will still want to account for IT trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) so that your employees can connect their multiple mobile devices to your network without experiencing any issues. Another IT trend that requires extra bandwidth is the growing use of video conferencing. An IT network that can’t accommodate a trend like video conferencing will cause you to miss out on potential sales opportunities with clients and partners who want to hash out details by way of video chat.

Go With a Flexible Cloud Service
The advantage of cloud computing is that a third party hosts and manages your cloud solution. This makes it easy on your operations, but if you’ve not thought through what your future cloud needs will be, then you’ll find the cloud to be a hindrance if the company managing your cloud solution isn’t flexible. NetworkComputing explains:

Cloud deployments tend to be dynamic — not static — and must grow or shrink depending on the requirements of the client. Any agreement with a managed service provider (MSP) needs to cater to the variability that the consumptive nature of the cloud provides.

When it comes to implementing technology for your business, it pays to do so with the future in mind. Vision Computer Solution can help your business in this way by taking time to listen to your company’s current and future IT needs, before recommending a solution. Keeping the future in mind will ensure that you will be able to take full advantage of how technology can benefit your business, instead of having it hold you back.

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