Managed IT Services are a Perfect Fit For Detroit Business



Say you have an idea that is setting your business up for future success. Actually, you have a GREAT idea; one you believe can find its place in a competitive small-and-medium business market to benefit the Detroit area. So, what are the next steps to fund, nurture, and grow your fledgling company into prominent viability?

This used to be a daunting question for many. However, in the past 5 years, Detroit has shown resiliency for small businesses across a multitude of industries. And what’s even more impressive is the success achieved by taking the path less traveled.

Small and medium sized startups across the U.S. are thriving- particularly TechTown Detroit, which has established itself as one of the most vibrant. According to the Michigan Economic Development Commission, private investments for startups totaled $770 million, in 2015 alone.

There is a lot of hype pertaining businesses in Detroit, and for good reason. A different kind of consumer exists now where a combination of unique needs for products and services is at an all-time high. No matter the industry or stage you’re in, an investment into your company’s IT is one of the most critical early steps many underestimate.

Managed IT services are the perfect fit for Detroit business in three ways:

1. Access to a local enterprise-level IT support staff

Focus is a tremendous challenge even for mature companies with years in their industry. To build structure to your organization, a focus on sales and marketing needs to be unwavering. Getting the right people on your bus, so-to-speak, is important, but your time and funding are finite. One of the greatest benefits of working with Vision Computer Solutions’ Managed IT Services is the immediate access to several technical staff across multiple departments. This allows you to alleviate time spent on finding 3 new hires for security, and 2 more just to take care of your end-users troubleshooting.

2. Network and Infrastructure expertise

A lot of small and medium-sized business in Detroit thrive off innovation and impact technology brings to their company. Whether you’re aspiring to be the next big software company or just looking for more office space to grow your 10-seat law office, chances are you won’t have the technical staff whose skills and knowledge are ideal to keep up with vast network and infrastructure changes constantly. Instead of forcing a talented developer or employee with light knowledge of networking to wear multiple hats, your goal should be to build a talented team which allows breadth and depth. Consider partnering with managed IT services to work on the MSP model becoming a valuable asset and extension to your organization. Let your employees do what they were brought on to do, and Vision Computer Solutions will handle the rest.

3. Scalability

Whether you’re in the first 2-3 years as an organization or an established entity- one of your primary concerns should be scalability. One person in-house working for your staff of 4 is quite normal, but in a year or 2, what happens if you employ 30 more across multiple office locations? Planning a business roadmap accordingly is a make or break and in this market, there is a viable opportunity to experience

that kind of growth in a short period. As you grow, your extended managed IT support will have the resources and equipment to scale your success and measure what you need along the way.

As a managed IT services firm in Detroit with over 20 years experience, Vision Computer Solutions is ready to serve all of your networking, security, planning and support needs. We’ve been a leading IT provider committed to helping Michigan businesses thrive. When you succeed, we succeed.


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