Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Update is More Secure Than Ever

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If your firm processes sensitive data, operates in regulated industries or develops intellectual property, then you know compliance and security are your highest priority. Microsoft has made security a top priority, carefully developing an operating system to protect your business with the same level of protection used by some of the world’s largest organizations.

Windows 10 latest iteration, version 1607, is the most secure OS published by Microsoft yet. The update has incorporated multiple solutions to make help protect your PC, delve into the details by reading the white paper: Ransomware Protection in Windows Anniversary.
Major improvements highlights include: 

Browser hardening: Microsoft Edge is the best it has ever been. Vision Computer Solutions’ Service Desk Manager, Chris Warnick, applauds Edge for its bolstered security. “In theory, if more people ran Edge for web browsing it would be pretty hard to get a virus. Edge’s sand-boxing virtually blocks any malicious code and exploits the virus’s hidden locations.”

The purpose of the sandbox is to limit information traveling from your browser to your system and your data. This isolates damage that could potentially wreak havoc moving from file to file inside your PC.

Windows Defender Improvements: Aimed at detecting Ransomware-related activities, Defender is proactive in the cloud and in your client. The Advanced Threat Protection helps Microsoft Business E3 customers identify and target issues.

Ready to upgrade your operating system?
The most secure edition of the Windows OS may be the most flexible. You can easily adapt to changes within your business with per-user, per-month billing. Upgrading to Windows 10 E3 lowers upfront costs, plus easily protects data, devices, and identities allowing you to focus on what your business needs to be doing. Call VCS today at (248) 349-6115 to get started on your business upgrade.