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Top Microsoft Office 2016 Features for SMB



By no means is Microsoft Office 2016 revolutionary. However, the improvements made have included several productivity and collaboration features ideal for businesses. We’ve listed our favorite features below:





New Charts- Six new charts were added to Excel (box and whisker plot, histogram, pareto, sunburst, treemap, and waterfall) to aid in presentations, data analysis, and storytelling.




Attach Recent Files- Attach the documents you most recently used and skip the scavenger hunt to locate the file.

Groups- Outlook now features a shared place for team email conversations with full history. Essentially, it’s a more organized way to share email that distribution lists. Sorry home users, this does require an O365 work or school account.

Suggestions- Can’t exactly remember where you stored an email? Maybe you have a few details, but can’t quite remember everything? Search Suggestions have been added to save the day. Outlook now offers people and keyword suggestions based on your mailbox content.



Screen Recording- Create demos or simply make your presentations more interesting with Screen Recording. You can now include screen recordings in your presentation by selecting a portion of your screen to record, capture what you need, and drop into your presentation seamlessly.




Co-Authoring in Real-time- Work together in real time on documents shared online on either OneDrive or SharePoint. Working remotely? In different time zones? Doesn’t matter, work together and see changes instantly, rather than sending email copies back and forth.


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