Why Are You Still Waiting to Upgrade Your Email to the Cloud?

email in the cloud

You know about the cloud, and perhaps use a few cloud applications for your business. When it comes to email, however, are you still using an on-premise solution?

With the recent Microsoft Exchange hack happening to on-premise email servers across the globe, cloud migrations have never looked so appealing. The attacks allowed access to email accounts, leading to the installation of malware. Microsoft’s cloud products weren’t impacted in this case, but if they had been, Microsoft would have patched it quickly and efficiently without any further security concerns.

If you answered yes, it’s time to make the transition and upgrade your email to the cloud.

What Does it Mean to Upgrade Your Email to the Cloud?

By migrating your email to the cloud, your vendor (think Microsoft of Google) takes care of your email off-site. While providing you with the tools to receive, send, and store messages – your vendor will also take care of the necessary security and maintenance of your data.

If you’re currently in the “we’re sticking with what we’re doing now because it’s always worked” mindset, we urge you to consider some of the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Security in the Cloud

Security breaches and email seem synonymous nowadays as more and more companies experience the crippling effects of ransomware. A common misconception is that your data is more secure on-site. However, security breaches are far more frequent on hosted servers. By utilizing the cloud, your data is encrypted while in transit and your cloud server is updated more frequently than the mail servers you may be currently using.

Recovering lost data on-site may be impossible, whereas in the cloud, you can recover messages, contacts, and any data stored within your email system quicker and more effectively.

Cost Saving

You may assume an email migration to the cloud is costly but, it’s quite affordable. After migrating, you will have a fixed monthly cost. By upgrading your email to the cloud, you’ll also get rid of the expense of the server itself, your operating system, email platform, electricity, cooling, and even the staff who manages it.


Cloud-based email hosting allows you to gain access to your messages and contacts via any connected device. As long as you have internet, you can take care of business. This is especially convenient as remote work may be here to stay.

Your New Bottom Line

Welcome to the world of reliable uptime. Switch to a reliable email cloud provider and watch your on-premise server needs dramatically decrease. Transitioning will not only save you time and provide you predictable expenses for budgeting, but also provide secure and reliable access to email – regardless of location.