Why Are You Still Waiting to Upgrade Your Email to the Cloud

You know about the cloud and maybe use some cloud applications for your business. When it comes to email,  if you’re still using an on-premise solution it may be time to make the transition. If  you’re currently in the “we’re sticking with what we’re doing now because it has always worked” mindset, then we urge you to consider some of these facts about moving to the cloud.

Misconception #1: “My Email is More Secure On-Site”

Security breaches and email seem synonymous nowadays as more and more companies experience the crippling effects of Ransomware. A common misconception is that your data is more secure on-site. However, security breaches are far more frequent on hosted servers.  

cloud incident frequency

Misconception #2: “A Migration Cost Too Much Money”

You may assume an email migration to the cloud is costly but, it’s quite affordable. After migrating, you will have a fixed monthly cost. Additionally, since you’re not purchasing a server for hosting, you will receive significant savings initially.   

Your New Bottom Line

Welcome to the world of reliable uptime. Switch to a reliable email cloud provider and watch your on-premise server needs dramatically decrease. Transitioning will not only save you time and provide you predictable expenses for budgeting, but also provide secure and reliable access to email, regardless of location.