TechTalk Detroit EP 014: 2020 – The Year of Cybercrime? Feat. Arctic Wolf

2020: the year of cybercrime?

Cybersecurity in a Remote Workforce

Concerns revolving around network security, phishing emails, and password protection has become a new focus for businesses.

In this 30 minute interview with Brad from Arctic Wolf, Brian and Chuck discuss:

  • How did Arctic Wolf initially transition to working fully remote? (02:10)
  • What does Arctic Wolf do? (04:17)
  • Has there been a noticable increase of cyberattacks during the COVID-19 pandemic? (05:45
  • What are some tactics cybercriminals are using during this time? (07:24)
  • What are some common scams cybercriminals are using? (08:30)
    • Phishing emails
    • Making emails appear they are being sent from legitimate sources, such as hospitals

What You Can Do to Stay Secure

  • What should you do differently when it comes to network security and working from home? (12:22)
    • Be skeptical of email addresses you do not recognize
  • How do you properly secure your network systems during this time? (12:49)
      • Follow the basics of security
        • Be diligent
        • Use a password manager
        • Utilize MFA as often as you can
        • Make sure your computer systems are updated
        • Double check where your emails are coming from
  • Should every business partner with a managed security operations center (SOC)? Furthermore, what is the overall value of doing so? (14:43)
  • Company reputation after a data breach (17:25)

Why Cybersecurity Matters to Small/Medium Sized Businesses

  • Why small businesses are a main target of cyberattacks. (18:18)
  • Tools and tactics cybercriminals use to hack small/medium businesses (19:50)
    • Small businesses are entry points to larger enterprises
  • How is Arctic Wolf keeping company culture alive virtually? (22:46)