Water is wet & the Galaxy S7 Active Isn’t Actually Waterproof

According to the latest Consumer Reports results, touted as the most durable of the S7 product line, ended up being the most fallible of them all. Marketed heavily as a water-resistant heavyweight that could withstand 5 feet of water for over 30 minutes, the S7 Active failed twice to survive the immersion trials that tested the model.

Both of the Active phones that were tested failed the plunge test. The first phone was infiltrated with water into the camera lenses and SIM card slot, the second still turned on, however, green lines filling the touch screen surface rendered the phone broken. In its response to Consumer Reports, Samsung said it has had “very few” customer complaints about the phone’s water-resistance and speculated that the magazine had gotten its hands on defective devices. If the results of the test leave you worried, Samsung added, in all events, the phone is covered by warranty.

If the Active S7 tempers your expectations, ironically, the Active was the only phone out of the S7 product line to fail the water test. The standard S7 and S7 edge exceeded its expectations and lives up to the Lil-Wayne champagne pouring hype. If you’re the owner of either phone, I still suggest not conducting your own test.