Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Working (And Extremely Happy)

Telecommuting and Flexibility

Not all work and productivity happens between the hours of 9-5, nor does it need to happen inside the office.

Today’s high demand for customer satisfaction around the clock forces business to operate outside standard operating hours. Remote work is fast becoming the new norm in the small and medium-sized business. Your employees will start to feel a sense of freedom and flexibility and also, for local smaller businesses, you can start taking advantage of a workforce that is outside of your normal boundaries for hire.

Cloud-based tools such as SharePoint or OneDrive are huge when bridging the gap between remote workers. This technology is easy to collaborate in a virtual environment where teams can work together in real-time on Office documents or share saved files with accessibility to certain users. And don’t forget, your team will enjoy working from home but be sure you make plans to interact weekly in catch-up meetings. A hyper-collaborative work environment will only foster unity when employees can depend on each other.

Excellent Communication

With great access to tech tools that will empower your workforce, you also have the power and means to communicate proficiently with anyone at any time. Despite major improvements to workplace messaging, most companies still rely on email. You should still use email inside your company, but having different avenues of communicating will keep employees from feeling that they’re always stuck in an email rut. With Vision’s managed email signature solution, you can add a chat button directly to your email signature. That way, your coworkers and clients have the opportunity to quickly get in touch with someone right away through Microsoft Teams.

Per CareerBuilder, 55% of employees felt cell phones and texting were the biggest productivity killers, and 26% named email. Better communication leads to increased productivity, which can also tie in with employee retention. Office 365 offers a ton of user-friendly programs featuring role-based project management and messaging to stay updated on progress for campaigns and internal events. If you have Office 365 right now, look to Microsoft Teams for the benefits mentioned above.

The Right Tools

There may be personal reasons for sticking with the old when it comes to technology. Unfortunately, this may affect how you’re perceived by your employees. If you embrace innovation your employees and brand are likely to follow that same path. And if your employees notice this, soon your customers will too, which ultimately leads to a transparent companywide mission that reinforces a unique culture. Above all, with the right technology solutions and IT provider, you can boost your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Team members who are empowered to make the right decisions with their out of office roles will be your happiest and most fulfilled in the long run. And to make their job easier, leveraging technology cloud-based tools to automate at least some of their assignments throughout the week can match the increased demands in the workforce.

Could poor technology and unsatisfactory processes be directing your new and best talent to the exit door?

In today’s competitive employment market, this is problematic. Common signs that technology could be driving people away from your business and insight on how to fix this starts here.