Your holiday-ready data breach response plan

The holidays are a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends, right? While that may be true for some, anyone who works with data and networks knows you still need someone keeping an eye on your network. The holidays can be a popular time for hackers to hit because they know people may be on vacation or otherwise distracted with cooking, shopping, and kissing under the mistletoe.

Avoid data breach havoc with these tips to keep your network safe during the holidays.

  1. Have backup staff in place

Even if you dot all your I’s and cross your t’s, you may end up needing someone to fill in at the last minute. Designate a few people as a backup in case the person responsible for a task or oversight is unavailable when something happens. Make sure any backup personnel have all the training and information necessary to keep your data safe while other employees may be out of reach. Even though it might seem redundant, you will be glad you made this preparation should you need it.

  1. Consider implementing an “on call” schedule

Even if your team is not in the office, they can still be on call. Spreading out the burden of holiday responsibility evenly throughout your team gives every employee sufficient time off. Sure it might be a downer to have to work through the holiday season, but if someone only has to be “on call” for one or two days in case something goes down, they can spend the rest of the time truly relaxing. Remember to have a backup person for the one who is on call just in case things don’t go exactly as planned.

  1. Know vacation & time off schedules ahead of time

Planning is essential when it comes to holiday preparation. Employees should specify the dates they plan to be off the clock well ahead of time. Keep track on a shared calendar so the whole team is aware of who will be available when.

You also need a list of who is able to work remotely should something happen and who will be totally out of communication. You can also ask people who are not taking time off to step up during this vulnerable period to take the lead in watching over your digital and online property.

  1. Keep Good Records of Contact Information

When people are traveling they may have different contact information or a different preference for the method of contact. You can try their cell phone, but it’s always good to have a secondary piece of contact information on the off chance that their phone’s battery is dead or little Jr. dismisses an important notification when watching his favorite cartoons on mom or dad’s smartphone. Great options include a partner’s phone number, a landline at a relative’s house or simply an alternate number for a personal cell phone.

Contact your managed IT service provideer to make sure you’re ready for the holiday break. With the right help you can avoid a data disaster and feel secure about your digital information even when members of your team are on vacation and feeling festive.