TechTalk Detroit EP 016: 4 Ways to Encourage Professional Growth Among IT Professionals

4 Ways to Encourage Professional Growth Among IT Professionals

ways to encourage professional growth among IT professionals

1. Create an Effective Training Plan

What does an effective training plan look like? (02:40)

  • Training for each employee should look different because everyone responds differently to learning.

“Employee training is an investment for your company.” (06:25)

2. Consider Using IT Specific Training Software 

Pluralsight, is a great IT certification and training software option. (07:42)

  • Some benefits include:
    • Tracking your employee’s engagement
    • The ability to assign individual training courses
    • A robust training library (Java, C++, & more)
    • Leadership training courses
    • Microsoft contributes to training courses
    • Proficiency scoring

3. Encourage your team by implementing books that reflect your company culture

How do books help with company culture? (14:25)

A few great company culture books that we use at Vision Computer Solutions include:

  • The Go-Giver by Bob Burg (15:38)
    • The Go-Giver is a story about the power of giving and how that provides value to any business.
  • The Compassionate Geek by Don Crawley (17:19)
    • This is a great resource to learn about the value of great customer service.

4. Create a One-Year Plan 

When should you start planning each employee one-year plan? (18:36)

What does a 1-year employee review look like?

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