how to choose the right electronic devices for your business

TechTalk Detroit EP 025: How to Choose The Right Electronic Devices for Your Business

Considerations When Choosing Hardware for your Business

how to choose the right electronic devices for your business

On this episode of TechTalk Detroit Chuck Lobert and Brian Spurgeon answer questions like: How do you choose the correct devices for your business? What are the differences between business-grade and home-grade devices? How do you know whether to choose between a desktop computer or laptop for your employees?

What should you consider when purchasing electronic devices for your business? (03:08)

Always purchase business-grade devices. There are significant differences between business-grade hardware and home-grade hardware. (05:45)

  • Windows home computers are not recommended for business purposes. The hardware, reliability, and warranties associated with a Windows home-grade computer is not suitable for business purposes. (06:20)

How to Choose Between a Laptop or a Desktop Computer (06:40)

Desktop computers are great for businesses that have traditional work hours (8 AM – 5 PM) and do not need accesses to a computer after work hours. (07:10)

Advantages of desktop computers include:

  • Desktop computers offer a huge cost savings benefit.
  • With desktop computers, there are more options when it comes to the hardware and physical size of the computer.

 Disadvantages of desktop computers include:

  • A desktop computer can limit your ability to work remotely.

Advantages of laptops include:

  • The ability to work remote and mobile. (09:11)
  • Outside of working remotely, laptops allow employees to work from different locations within an office. (09:40)

Should Every Employee Within Your Business Have the Same Device Model? (10:18)

What are the advantages of standardizing device models? (11:00)

  • Standardizing devices within your business can eliminate negative comparison of devices among employees.

What are the disadvantages of standardizing device models?

  • Giving your employees a choice on what device models they can use allows the employee to be well equipped with the right tools to succeed at their job.

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