employee retention

TechTalk Detroit EP 026: Employee Retention – How to Keep Employees Engaged and Satisfied Within the Field of Tech

How to Keep Employees Engaged and Satisfied Within the Field of Tech

employee retention

How do you keep your employees engaged and happy at work? (04:33)

Having trouble finding top talent within the candidate pool? This is not unusual. The tech industry is notoriously competitive. Additionally, with the increase of millennials seeking opportunities within the tech field, employers must implement new retention strategies or risk high turnover rates. (05:25)

The Negative Effects of Employee Turnover (06:00)

“Your company is only as good as your employees,” says Brian Spurgeon. “If you are constantly dealing with hiring, it is hard to move forward with other parts of your business.”

How to Hire and Retain Good Employees (07:00)

  1. Begin with your hiring process. At Vision Computer Solutions, we include three rounds of interviews. This allocates enough time for our team to learn about the candidate’s current skills, goals, and expectations.
  2.  During the onboarding process, consider implementing a 90-day roadmap. This roadmap should include a list of expectations and goals for the new employee and employer.
  3. To increase job satisfaction, implement an inviting work environment that is tailored to your employee’s wants and needs.

Due to Google, Microsoft, and other large tech companies having offices within Metro Detroit, finding great talent can be difficult for smaller companies. Due to this competition, it is important that employers understand what high-quality job candidates look for in a position. (16:40)

How Do You Develop the Talent of Your New Employees? (20:08)

To retain talented employees, you must ensure the possibility of upward mobility within your company. Upward mobility can look different depending the size of your company.


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