Empower Your Employees with Windows Virtual Desktop

Throughout the pandemic, businesses everywhere were forced to pivot to remote work to put the safety of their employees and clients first. While the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is not a new innovation by any means, it’s gained popularity throughout the last year as a way for businesses to deliver their desktops, applications, and data securely to their teams outside of the office.

As more employees work off site, transition between home and work offices, or access their work from multiple devices, legacy applications can’t always keep up. Have you considered how your current tools enable productivity outside of the office? It may be time to implement Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and empower your employees – wherever they’re working from.

Tools That Can Keep Up

WVD is optimized for Office and provides users with a full Windows 10 experience. Office 365 containers enable fast load times for employee files that automatically save to their virtual desktop for quick access. Employees will receive full functionality of their apps and even features such as Office’s file history and Outlook search – in other words, they’ll have full access to the tools they already know and love.

A More Personalized Experience on Virtual Desktop

Whether in the field, working remote, or traveling on the go, employees will be able to access their desktop environments from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Considering WVD works across all devices (including a browser), your employees will have the ability to choose their own device that works best for their comfort level and work style – staying productive in any location.

WVD allows you to personalize each user experience by creating custom access applications and services based on an individual employee’s needs. Prioritize special users or workloads by providing reserved resources or advanced processing power to keep your mission critical workloads live.

With WVD, you can tailor your IT environment to fit your business’s needs by optimizing user groups for breadth or depth based on each group’s requirements.

Have Confidence in Your Security

Sophisticated security comes standard with WVD, giving your employees the confidence to work with confidential customer information. WVD users log in to access their desktop environment, so you can easily protect sensitive company and customer information with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This includes remote management capabilities, automatic password management, and the ability to delegate management to other administrators – also protecting your organization from cyberattacks.

WVD also allows you to easily assign and manage role-based access controls to keep sensitive information secure and only available to those who need it.

Employees require constant connectivity, better flexibility, and specialized tools for their roles in order to stay productive. With the many features and benefits of WVD, you can ensure you’re providing them with everything they need to feel empowered in their position at a price you will love.

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