meet our team max elsner

TechTalk Detroit EP 029: Meet Our Staff – Max Elsner

meet our team max elsner

Who is Max Elsner? (03:00)

“I am a technical business analyst and I help provide IT solutions to our clients.”

Prior to joining Vision Computer Solutions, Max spent 11 years at Staples, working in various leadership roles. Outside of work, Max enjoys watching sports.

What Does A Technical Business Analyst do? (04:21)

“The primary function of my role is account management; I act as a Chief Information Officer for our clients. I have to make sure the IT infrastructure of each client we work with is where they want to be.”

What is a Strategic Planning Process? (06:24)

What is the Importance of a Strategic Business Plan?

  • To review the current IT infrastructure of your business.
  • To ensure that the IT infrastructure of your business is up to industry standards.

A strategic business review can include smaller projects:

  • Are new computers needed?
  • Is software needed?

“It is not just a matter of needing a new computer, we look at things from a strategic standpoint what is going to fit into the overall game plan and what is going to work for that particular client, we customize everything versus giving our clients an off-the-shelf solution.” – Chuck Lobert

Why is a Roadmap Important? (08:16)

How to Create a Roadmap for a Strategic Plan (08:30)

A roadmap is a multi-year strategic plan that is agreed upon your business and you managed service provider. This document is to be reviewed and altered by both parties throughout the year.

What are the advantages of assessing your IT infrastructure? (10:44)

What is included in our security baseline package?

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) setup
  • Firewall protection
  • Warranty review on all current equipment
  • And more

“As a proactive IT provider, it is our job to bring recommendations to our clients.” (14:30)

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