Switch Managed IT Service Provider podcast

TechTalk Detroit EP 027: Is it Time to Switch Your Managed IT Service Provider?

How to Keep Employees Engaged and Satisfied Within the Field of Tech

Switch Managed IT Service Provider podcast

During this episode, we will answer the question: When is it time to switch your managed IT service provider? We also discuss cost-saving strategies, insider tips, and questions you must ask any computer consultant before giving them access to your network.

Should you be thinking of switching to a new managed IT service provider? (3:55)

When should you begin considering switching your managed IT service provider? (04:05)

If you are disappointed with the quality of service, it might be time to begin thinking about switching you Managed IT service provider.

Does your IT partner help you to reach your IT goals? (05:00)

    • Are they keeping up to date in the latest technology?
    • Are they keeping your systems up and running?
    • Do they respond quickly to your concerns?
    • Are they meeting with you and your team regularly?
    • Are they implementing solutions?

“IT is ever changing, if your current IT company is not keeping up with certain trends, you should be concerned.” said Brian Spurgeon.

What makes a great managed IT service provider? (07:00)

  • They know the history of your business
  • They will assist you with yearly planning and budgeting
  • They will regularly provide reports

Are you at a point that the cost of your provider does not fit into your current budget? (7:58)

How do I look for other managed IT service providers? Which managed IT service provider is the right one for my business? (11:30)

  • How does your company plan on utilizing IT services?
  • Have a budget in mind

During your first meeting with a new managed IT service provider:

    • Are they able to answer the majority of your IT related questions?
    • Are they prepared during your first meeting?
    • How long have they been in business?
    • Did they take the time to learn about your company?

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